DJ hottest Sexiest Midnightiest (@djhotsexymidnight) - Fairbanks, Alaska- duh, where else do shirtless ginger centaurs live?

DJ hot sexy midnight is the host of The University of Alaska Fairbanks KSUA's Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By, bringing you everything sexy every Thursday night from 10 pm to midnight (Alaska time). DJ Hot Sexy Midnight is a 14 foot tall centaur that can please women using awesome skills such as echolocation and telepathy. DJ Hot sexy midnight is known from time to time to use Snickers wrappers that he finds on the floor of his car as condoms. DJ Hot sexy midnight is the inventor of such amazing products as the cheesy Gordita crunch flavored condom and the go-kart condom (a condom that turns into a get away go-kart when it detects the man has busted his nutt).You can hear DJ Hot Sexy Midnight's supa-sexy voice at (907)474-KSUA (5782). Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By is a production of KSUA Radio, a student-owned station at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. You can reach station staff at (907)474-7054 or at