DJ Jim (@DeadAir) - Bowling Green, Ohio

My name is DJ Jim and I am one of the hosts on WBGU-FM Radio’s Renowned Dead Air Paranormal Talk Radio Show. Dead Air is a two-hour Talk Show about Paranormal Activity and Experiences. We invite guests to share their real life encounters and views on Aliens, Ghost, Bigfoot, Witches, Shadow People, Physics/Mediums, Reincarnation, Urban/Local Legends, and anything else out of the normal realm of disbelief. Dead Air is all about real experiences sent in by real people just like you. We would like to hear about your encounter. If you have a story that you would like to share with our listeners, please email us at and we may broadcast your encounter on WBGU Radio’s Dead Air Show. We are on the air Sundays from 8pm to 10pm EST. Tune in and check us out! </span><br> </span><br> Remember, We are Not Alone, </span><br> DJ Jim </span><br>