Ambrosia (@airambrosia) - SoCal

I'm editor of RadioFlag's RadioStar Blog. Into classic sounds, emerging sounds, and future sounds that stretch out in all directions. One could call me a music hoarder but Archiver sounds so much prettier . Into Beauty. Desire Connective Listening Around the World . Support Getting Heard On A Global Stage. Consider me a Real Radio Revivalist of sorts. I'm a music sharer and like to be shared with. What about you? Are you a Radio DJ that gives airplay to new and local music artists? Are you an talented emerging artist / band who wants to get heard on live radio world wide? Are you a intense music lover who wants to share with others you latest discovery? If you like to collaborate and see everyone thrive in the good vibes, then you're in the right place. Check out RadioFlag's ' GotAirplay ' @airambrosia on RadioFlag @airambrosia on twitter